Rambling Thoughts on “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” (2019)

I’m watching more movies for fun, now that I’m not getting paid for reviews. Periodically, I will publish my reactions, just because. Also, you will probably like this more if you’ve seen the film in question. A detailed plot synopsis is on the Wikipedia page, if you want a shortcut. Here, there be spoilers…

  • They don’t waste any time getting to the monster action. No more Godzilla peek-a-boo!
  • Check off “Dead Kid Motivator” on your Movie Tropes Bingo Card.
  • Also, anybody notice a trend lately, where characters are destroying everything in order to “save” it? Avengers, Game of Thrones, this. It’s not even always the bad guys.
  • We’ve got a deeply messed-up zeitgeist happening right now.
  • Speaking of GoT, nobody combines bored and disdainful like Charles Dance.
“Everywhere I go, there’s another f**cking dragon.”
  • I still don’t care about all the human emotion stuff. And can Ken Watanabe smile once in a while?
Dr. Serizawa Expression No. 2
  • See how dark those photos are? That’s the lighting design through most of the movie.
  • When we can see the monsters, they’re incredible. But for some reason, literally every fight has to take place in a dim rainstorm.
We do get shots like this, though.
  • Yep, that’s my boy Ghidorah up there. Rodan and Mothra show up, too, and I’m pretty sure I saw Gamera and Spiga (but that may just be my geek brain frying at all the awesomeness).
  • There are supposed to be 17 “Titans” around the world. There are some new ones added here, plus Kong(!). That’s some clever franchise-building right there.
  • Can you name 17 kaiju from the original Toho movies? I can!
  • Also, there’s Atlantis, probably. It’s a great place to plug in your god monster when his battery dies.
  • The sheer number of shout-outs to the classic series is astonishing. Creature designs, theme music, even a little wink to the Mothra Twins.
  • Truly, if you are a fan, you will be happier than this.
“We’re in a Godzilla movie!!”

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