Rambling Thoughts on “Doctor Strange” (2016)

I’m watching more movies for fun, now that I’m not getting paid for reviews. Periodically, I will publish my reactions, just because. Also, you will probably like this more if you’ve seen the film in question. A detailed plot synopsis is on the Wikipedia page, if you want a shortcut. Here, there be spoilers…

  • Somehow, Doctor Strange is the only Marvel movie I didn’t get around to seeing in theatres. I hope watching it out of order won’t be too confusing.
  • Stephen Strange = Sherlock Holmes in scrubs. That explains the casting.
  • Rachel McAdams is wasted as the standard frustrated/supportive girlfriend. The MCU really needs more women who do stuff. Paging Captain Marvel!
  • For a genius, our hero sure drives like an idiot.
  • Benjamin Bratt and Benedict Cumberbatch in a scene together? You trying to kill me, Marvel?
  • Me when the guy who rescues Strange from the muggers reveals himself:
    “Why is Black Panther in this?”
    “Wait, that’s Chiwetel Ejiofor, not Chadwick Boseman.”
    “Oh, god, does that make me a huge racist?”
Admit it, they could play brothers.









  • Meanwhile, Tilda Swinton is playing this character:

So, I’m at least less racist than whoever made that decision.

  • Seriously, I love Tilda Swinton, but what is she doing here? Besides pissing off Asians.

  • Mr. Cumberbatch looks really good in that goatee.

  • Hey, I found other people who could be twins!

  • Inception superhero fight. I dig it!

  • Aw, Stan Lee 😦

  • Why do bad guys team up with all-powerful destructive beings? Has that ever worked out well for them?

  • Strange plays temporal “I’m not touching you” with the boss monster. Even reality-bending supervillains will lose their shit over that.

  • Infinity Stone reference!

  • OK, watching it out of order is a little bit confusing. Note to self: Don’t do that.

  • So is Mordo going to show up in the next Avengers movie? Wait, did he already show up in another movie?

  • I have got to make sure I watch these in order.



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