Rambling Thoughts on “The Ritual” (2018)

I’m watching more movies for fun, now that I’m not getting paid for reviews. Periodically, I will publish my reactions, just because. Also, you will probably like this more if you’ve seen the film in question. A detailed plot synopsis is on the Wikipedia page, if you want a shortcut. Here, there be spoilers…

  • Everyone here is way too happy. Somebody’s gonna die.
  • Yep.
  • These out-of-shape, thirty-something city dwellers can afford to vacation just about anywhere. Yet they decide to climb a mountain in a remote area of Sweden. This is the very definition of “more dollars than sense.”
  • When is a shortcut not a shortcut? When it goes through a dense forest with no trails, dummy.
“See, guys? This is totally better than lying on a beach with a tasty beverage.”

  • The Descent vibes are becoming very Blair Witch.
  • Now they’re Wicker Man.
  • And Hereditary.
  • Breaking into an abandoned house full of occult symbols has never, ever gone wrong for anyone.
Ooh, pretty ornaments!
  • I love the way the forest is filmed. Beautiful, primeval, threatening.
  • This was actually shot in Romania, by the way. Vampires are so passe.
  • I like these characters. Even when they’re being dumb jerks, they’re oddly relatable.
  • What does that say about me?
  • And we finally see the monster. It’s equal parts silly and terrifying – just like the movie!
  • For some reason, the creature can’t follow our “hero” out of the woods. Did he imagine the whole thing? Did something else happen to his friends? Discuss.
“We’re gathered here today to honor the sacrifices of the movie idiots who came before us. We’ll be right back.”

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